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Tom Faulk

Tom Faulk

My name is Tom, and I just started school. So much to learn, but more importantly, so much fun to be had! I have been itching to do porn for a while, and now here I am!

    Tom Faulk


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Tom can do me anytime, anywhere his sexy ass wants to


youre hot as FUCK. im straight but seeing your videos does something to me!

tom you are so fucking hot I would do anything for you.... id even make you a sandwhich ;)

he is perfect. yes u are right his smile is very sexy an i love it a lot. i am so appreciate college dude for having this kind of taste for choosing this kind of style,,,!

come back babe

I think and hope that Calvin Grange and Tom faulk do a vid!!!! I would buy that vid for sure;) maybe start full clothed then strip, grab ass, moan and talk:D please hope that comes soon!!!

Your really hot, and your a great top!

Tom you need to grow that Beautiful Mane back!

I love you I want to do you

your so hot I want to have sex with you so bad

love the way you wiggle your toes

im all wet thanks to you! :)

soooooooooooooo hot

OMG Tom....I would soooooo love to meet you and have you fuck me. You should come to Philadelphia!


Tom, I always liked seeing you bottom. But since I saw you as a dominant aggressive top in the scene with Palmer Dilis, I want to see you top other guys. Mabye some of the guys who topped you in the past. I love the "new" Tom, bigger muscles, new hair style and totally in charge. I would be your submissive any day. Oh Yea.


Make a flip flop scene with Carter Nash, u2 will make a lot of fans high

tom your the hottest guy on here. wish it was my virgin ass you were fuckin

hottie...i wanna meet you

Omg i love u! U are amazing! I want to be ur boyfriend lol! U are the best man in all college dudes! Love u!

Tom, you look more masculine with the short hair. I love it. Your body is perfection and you have a handsome face.

This man is cmpletly HOT! Will we get to see him top someone?


Omg! You look so fucking amazing. Eat me up any day you like! I seriously wanted you to just come out of the screen and just fuckin mount me!!! Please figure out how to!

One of the most exciting up-and-comers in a long while! PLEASE grow back the hair! =)

omfg i love your voice meeting you on omegle was the best mistake i ever made i can now tell everyone that a gay porn star sang me jonny craig

you where so amazing BEFORE you got the gages! go back. plz

very sexy!!!!

U so fine u can do anything to me

ur so hot, u could fuck me anytime!

extreamly hot :) like you when you both top and bottom great all round performer

likeit when u bottomed!

hey tom enjoying your surf image and videos and to let you know there are other surf dudes who dig dudes also out there! keep up the good work ! the new video is basic hot but grow your hair back longer and dude like please totally lose those stupid earrings!!!!!!! cowabunga and take care!

Cute guy and love his chest. Unfortunately, in his scene with Rob the earlobe stretching earrings detract from his otherwise natural beauty.


Glad to see you topping again Tom, but throw away that razor and let your natural body hair grow back!!! And come back often!!! :-)


Your so fucking hot i just want to cum all overyou.

I would let tom tear my hole up anytime. He is so hot!!!!!

u r the hottest guy here! i love ur blue eyes and ur long blond hair. so beautiful tl look at :)

your the hottest guy ever

Tom Faulk you have vanished from the surface of the earth. Where o where has your amazing hot ass and striking look gone. Please come back and showcase your hot ass and bod !


I would let Tom tear me up any time!

When are we gonna see more him... Would love to him shaved, smooth and getting fucked again. Maybe even a getting tagged by Taylor Black and Daniel Press!!!

tomas Faulk is a great guy ! so is Jared Kent , ( super-master dreamboy ) put them up together



wow sexy blond bb

all i have to say is ... MORE, more Tom Faulk - omg that guy is hot


I want to see Tom with Carter Nash/Shane Erickson!

thank you for the scene with jerry and tom....i nutted three times watching the scene from beginning to end


you are so perefect!! amazing body for sure!!!


You r really HOT!!!!!!

You are SO adorable.

the perfect body and cock!! wow!


Sexy boy Tom is 100@ mean to fuck and fuck and Bottom... Totally a hot pretty boy. WOW !!!!

watching him dry hump the bed makes me want to mount him REAL bad! Gorgeous, great bod, beautiful face, and amazing ass and hole!

Fucking sexy and nice cock

Pair this guy up with Jarrod Price PLEASE!!

your abs r hot wait for me i love sexy tiger

fuck me please

Phenomenal! Gorgeous surfer looks and amazing bod! Very appealing personality too .. this guy is a star!


Tom Faulk is Delicious HOT FIND CD keep up he good work finding HOTTIES like this one NOW it is time for another 3-way please would LOVE to see Brody,Tom & Bryan C. together in a way please Thanks Tom F. New # 1 Fan A.W.

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