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Santiago Figueroa Fucks Davey Anthony Tight Ass

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Santiago Figueroa, Davey Anthony

Santiago Figueroa is from Puerto Rico, and this hot stud loves to top and to take control, and Davey Anthony isn’t going to have too much of a problem with that!  To get things started, Davey gets Santiago’s dick a little wet, giving him a taste of some expert oral.  Santiago want’s more, and he gets himself undressed while they kiss and make out, taking things nice and slow and exploring one another’s sexy body until finally Santiago works his way down to Davey’s dick and takes it in his mouth, sucking that cock and giving him a rimjob, fingering his asshole a little before moving back up to his met. 

Davey can’t get enough of Santiago’s delicious meat and goes down on him some more, getting that cock good and hard.  Santiago rewards him by eating his ass out again before he finally shoves his giant cock in it.  He has to take it slow at first, his dick is just so big that it almost seems like he won’t be able to fit it all in to Davey’s tight ass, but he works his magic and slides his prick in. 

Santiago fucks Davey hard, not being gentle anymore as he rams him in the ass over and over again from every angle, burying his huge prick deep inside of Davey until he fucks the cum right out of him and Santiago licks it all up then shoots his own load right between Davey’s ass and licks that up too!

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  • phillypig on 09/25/2014


    • Thisjosh26 on 09/20/2014

      Davey & Santiago put on a really good show, I really love Santiago's big cock, hope to see him use it a lot in the future! It said he pounded Davey, I would like to see him pound even harder into some guy's asses, that would really be hot! Davey was quite the guy taking that big cock, though I do love his uncut cock as well.

      • studrunner on 09/19/2014

        I really like seeing real guys fuck. Santiago told Davey it was going to be hot and he delivered on that. You can tell that it was painful for Anthony and that really made it super hot because in real life taking a large cock is painful for the great majority of men. Look forward to seeing both of these guys more in the future.