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Santiago Figueroa Fucks Alex Maxim's Tight Ass

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Alex Maxim, Santiago Figueroa

Santiago Figueroa and Alex Maxim haven’t had much of a chance to get to know each other yet, but that’s about to change as these two start kissing and making out, taking things nice and slow as they get a feel for one another.  Alex slowly sneaks his hands into Santiago’s pants and pulls that massive cock out, wrapping his mouth around it and giving him some oral

After Alex has gotten his fill of Santiago’s delicious dick, he lets Santiago have a taste of his ass!  Santiago gives Alex a hot rimjob, fingering his tight ass between licks and burying his face between Alex’s ass cheeks.  He makes sure that ass is nice and wet before he slides his prick along it and then slowly sticks his dick inside, taking it slow so that Alex’s tight ass has a chance to stretch. 

But once he gets a feel for being inside of Alex, he doesn’t hold back anymore and he rides his hard, fucking him deep as Alex moans in pleasure.  Santiago slams Alex from every angle, not afraid to get creative as he finds the positions that let him bury his cock deep inside Alex until he shoots his hot load…and Santiago cleans it up for him!  And of course, Santiago makes sure that Alex gets a mouthful of his cum too as he strokes one out into Alex’s open mouth!

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  • Thisjosh26 on 10/10/2014

    Wow, Alex Maxim getting fucked by Santiago Figueroa was one smoking hot video! It looked as though they were into one another, it also looked like Santiago really fucked Alex every which way pretty much he could. Alex looked as though he enjoyed it & Santiago really dropped some huge spurts of cum in Alex's mouth at the end! An excellent video, best I've seen in awhile.

    • funbilly on 10/05/2014

      WOW!! What a hot scene!! One of the best I have seen on this site. Santiago is such a cum whore...FUCKIN HOT!! Its nice to see someone finally stepped up and fucked Alex cross eyed. Sooo HOT. Nice job Guys.

      • miraru on 10/04/2014

        This one is a great scenes Good Job Guys

        • studrunner on 10/03/2014

          This is easily one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen in my life. Santiago becomes the essence of gay sex from eating Alex's ass, to pounding him in many positions, to licking and sucking the cum from Alex's and his cum shots. Damn fucking hot scene !!!!!!!!

          • Joehunk93 on 10/02/2014

            Amazing!!so hot!