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Dante Monroe And Owen Michaels Flip Fuck

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Dante Monroe, Owen Michaels

Dante Monroe is in for a treat being paired up with Owen “Superman” Michaels, but we’ll see what Owen can do with him since Dante is a pretty big, well-built guy himself!  But of course, they have to work up to those Superman moves, and they start with some kisses as Owen works his way down toward Dante’s dick, sucking it jerking that hard cock with his hand before getting some oral in return as Dante slobbers all over Owen’s prick. 

Now that they’ve both gotten each other hard and horny, Owen climbs on top of Dante and sits right on his cock, jamming that hard dick in his ass over and over as Dante lays back and enjoys the feeling of Owen riding his meat.  Once Owen’s ass has taken a pounding, they break for some rimming, getting into a hot position as they eat each other’s ass.  Owen makes sure to get Dante’s hole dripping wet before he lifts him up and flips him onto the bed and fucks him hard, his balls slamming against Dante’s ass as he pounds him.  They flip one more time as Owen offers his ass up to Dante until they both cum, shooting huge loads all over Owen!

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  • bxfeetlover on 12/28/2014

    WOOOOOOOW this is one of the HOTTEST video on here. I love it when Owen literally flipped Dante onto the bed. Great cocks and awesome cum shots.

    • LIDELL on 11/28/2014

      Hey, Thanks for This! ... I saw the "teaser" a few days ago, and thought, "I Can't Wait!" ... I'm REALLY Enjoying DANTE MONROE and TY ROYAL -- it's great to see Men Of Color with some muscle on them -- and I hafta admit, I'm CRAZY about OWEN MICHAELS! ... Looking Forward to MANY more scenes with These Guys -- Thanks Again! ... ;>)