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Roman Daniels And Tristan Stiles Flip Fuck

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Tristan Stiles, Roman Daniels

Roman Daniels and Tristan Stiles seem totally at ease with each other, but we’ll see how long that lasts once Roman destroys Tristan’s ass with his huge cock!  Once they’re released onto one another, these guys don’t hold back, they make out hardcore as they slowly undress between kisses and the second Tristan’s dick comes out, Roman’s mouth is on it!  He licks the tip and sucks the shaft, slurping and sucking on that meat like it’s the best he’s ever tasted! 

But of course, Roman’s cock is in need of some TLC, and Tristan uses his mouth to get it super hard until he can’t even fit half of it in his mouth anymore!  A little rimming to finish off the foreplay before Roman slowly works his dick into Tristan’s ass, giving him time to adjust to his massive cock before he really starts to fuck him.  Then it’s Roman’s turn to get his asshole stretched as they flip and Tristan tops Roman, sticking his prick in that tight ass and letting Roman ride him.  But Tristan wants it harder and faster so he bends Roman over the couch and pounds him until they both shoot a huge load!

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  • cuatepec1 on 11/25/2014

    DAMN !!!! HOT, HOT, HOT !!!!!!!! bot h very sexy guys and would love to have fun with one or both. in my opinion though roman is my idea of a perfect body but tristans is nice to just prefer romans ;p but top notch guys and hope you both do a lot more mov \garyies guys!