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Alexander Greene And Ty Royal

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Ty Royal, Alexander Greene

Alexander Greene and Ty Royal kiss while they explore each other, running their hands all over as Alexander’s hand finds its way to Ty’s cock, standing upright as Alexander grabs it and pushes it into his mouth.  Ty watches as he get head from Alexander and then gives some well-deserved oral in return, trying to take as much of Alexander’s huge cock into his mouth as he can.

Ty deepthroats that big cock and Alexander deepthroats Ty and then bends him over and gets his mouth on that delicious ass, rimming Ty’s tight hole to get him ready for what’s coming. When Ty’s entrance is nice and wet, Alexander slowly slides his huge shaft inside of Ty, barely giving him time to warm up to that fat cock before Alexander starts fucking him hard. They break for a little more oral and then flip, with Alexander getting fucked by Ty now, riding that hard prick as Ty moans.  Alexander gets on his back and takes Ty’s cock from that angle while he strokes his own member, jerking it hard until he comes and then letting Ty come all over him next!

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  • studrunner on 05/20/2016

    I think Alex Greene was designed to the ideal sex partner. He can definitely fuck a bottom or take a cock himself and look so sexxxy either way. Ty Royal really knows how to use his fine cock as well using it to give both men that good hot pleasure !!!!!!

    • alaskabeth on 05/18/2016

      I want Ty Royal's lips! <3