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Asher Hawk Fucks Caleb Reece

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Asher Hawk, Caleb Reece

Asher and Caleb are hungry for each other and they don’t hold back as they make out, exchanging
passionate kisses as they take their clothing off slowly, one piece at a time, until they can’t wait any
longer and the boxers come off! Asher goes down on Caleb first, taking Caleb’s hard cock in his
mouth and shoving it deep in his throat as he works his own dick. Asher wants a piece of the action
too and his boxers come off as Caleb goes down on him, working his dick with his mouth as Asher
strokes Caleb’s cock. These two don’t spend too much time on foreplay, though, as Caleb lubes his
ass up and climbs on top of Asher who slides his huge throbbing cock into Caleb’s tight entrance.
Asher fucks Caleb hard, shoving his cock in and out as the two kiss. But Asher wants to pound him
harder and the two kneel on the bed, Caleb on all fours as Asher fucks him hard and deep. Asher
pushes Caleb down, getting a little dominant as he continues to pound him. Caleb turns onto his
back and spreads his legs and Asher doesn’t hesitate to stick his cock back in, Caleb jerking his own
cock until he cums, Asher’s dick still buried deep inside his ass. Asher pulls out and works his cock
until he shoots his load all over Caleb.

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  • anonymous on 12/03/2013

    your so handsome..but can you show your fucking ass