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Isaac Hardy Fucks Chris Hewitt

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Chris Hewitt, Isaac Hardy

Isaac Hardy and Chris Hewitt take it slow at first, savoring the taste of one another, running their
hands over each other as they kiss. It doesn’t take long before Isaac wants more…and he’s craving
a taste of Chris’s big cock! Chris’s pants come off and Isaac’s mouth wraps around his dick, pulling
it in and out, moving his tongue along the hard shaft and sensitive tip. Chris is hungry for Isaac’s
meat, too, and the two switch positions with Chris going down on Isaac. Chris works Isaac’s cock
expertly, running his hand along Isaac’s strong thigh as he shoves Isaac’s thick dick into his mouth.
These two are ready to kick it up a notch and Isaac lubes his huge cock up, getting it ready for
Chris’s ass. Chris waits eagerly and when Isaac is ready, Chris climbs on top and sticks Isaac’s dick
into his tight entrance. He rides him hard, bouncing up and down, enjoying the feeling of Isaac’s
throbbing member filling his ass. Isaac is ready for a new position and he puts Chris on his knees as
he stands behind him, sliding his cock into Chris’s tight ass again, pumping him full of his hard dick
as Chris closes his eyes in pleasure. These two change positions once more as Chris turns onto his
back and Isaac holds his legs up, fucking him hard and shoving his cock deep into Chris’s ass. It’s
not much longer until these two want to reach that sweet release, and Isaac pulls out, jerking his
cock until he shoots his huge load into Chris’s waiting mouth. What a hot pair!

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