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Isaac Hardy Fucks Kyle Harley

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Kyle Harley, Isaac Hardy

Kyle and Isaac start things off slow and sensual, taking their time with one another, kissing and
touching each other, before the clothes start coming off…and once that happens, things get really
hot really quick! Ones the boxers come off, Isaac can’t get to Kyle’s cock fast enough! He explores
Kyle’s dick with his tongue, running his hot mouth along the shaft and pumping it in and out of his
wet mouth. But Kyle wants a taste of Isaac’s manhood, too, and the two switch positions with Isaac
on the receiving end of some delicious oral! Kyle works Isaac’s thick cock with his mouth,
massaging his balls and even stroking his own cock as he pleasures him. As much as Isaac loves
Kyle’s mouth around his dick, he wants his dick in Kyle’s tight ass even more! Isaac lubes up and
Kyle kneels on the bed, eagerly awaiting Isaac’s huge cock before he slides it in slowly, shoving it
deep into Kyle’s ass. Isaac fucks him doggy style for a while, getting Kyle used to the feeling of his
huge cock in his ass before the two lay side by side and Isaac shoves his dick in again! Kyle jerks
his own cock as Isaac pounds him and it’s clear that these two are both enjoying themselves! Kyle
turns over onto his back and Isaac kneels above him, fucking him hard and deep until they both
can’t take anymore and shoot their hot load all over each other!

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