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Zaden Tate Fucks Tory Clifton

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Zaden Tate, Tory Clifton

Zaden and Tory seem to hit it off pretty well, and that chemistry definitely transfers to the bed as
Zaden goes down on Tory, sucking his dick and making it grow. Tory is clearly enjoying the feeling
of Zaden’s mouth on his cock as Tory fingers his own asshole while Zaden licks up and down his
shaft. It’s not long before Zaden is gets some attention as Tory takes his dick in his mouth, pulling
Zaden’s huge cock in and out, getting it nice and wet. Zaden’s ready for more, though, and he slips
on a condom as Tory gets them each lubed up for action. Tory climbs on top of Zaden and carefully
shoves Zaden’s massive dick into his tight ass, going slow so that he can adjust to Zaden’s
size...since this is the most dick that Tory's ever taken! He rides Zaden’s cock, bouncing up and
down on it before changing positions a bit to get a little deeper! As he straddles Zaden, Tory shoves
Zaden’s throbbing dick deep inside, taking that huge cock like a pro! Next, Tory lays back on the
bed and Zaden stands next to him, fucking him from behind, going in and out nice and slow and
making Tory come all over! Zaden’s ready for release, too, as he pulls out and shoots his white hot
load across Tory’s chest!

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