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Marco Santana Plows Sam Northman

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Sam Northman, Marco Santana

Marco may be shy and quiet but he definitely isn’t shy about taking Sam’s cock in his mouth! Marco
goes down on Sam, working his cock until it’s nice and hard, pulling it in and out of his wet mouth
and deepthroating it like a pro. Marco stands up and lets Sam have a turn at his own cock, and Sam
doesn’t turn down that offer! He covers Marco’s cock with his mouth, pleasuring him while he gently
jerks his own hard dick. Once Marco’s ready for more, though, he lets Sam know by pulling away
and lubing up, getting his cock ready for Sam’s ass. Sam leans over the bed and Marco goes inside,
sliding his throbbing member into Sam’s ass and pumping him full, going nice and slow so Sam can
feel every movement. The two of them climb onto the bed and fuck side by side, making out as
Marco pounds Sam hard. But these two like to mix it up, and soon Sam is on top of Marco, riding
him as he moans in ecstasy. As Marco fucks him, Sam jerks himself off, shooting his load all over
himself and Marco’s balls. Marco pulls out and Sam lies down on the bed, getting his mouth ready
for Marco’s hot cum. Marco yanks his cock and busts a nut all over Sam’s compliant face. What a
hot fuck!

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