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Aaron Slate And Trent Ferris

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Trent Ferris, Aaron Slate

Aaron and Trent make an attractive pair and as they exchange some kisses and begin making out
we can see just how perfect this pairing is! After kissing and getting a taste of one another, Trent
eagerly goes down on Aaron, taking his cock in his mouth and working it like an expert. He pulls
Aaron’s dick in and out of his wet mouth, getting it harder as he shoves it deep down his throat. But
Trent wants his turn, too, and Aaron is more than willing to return the favor! Trent lays back and
lets Aaron suck his dick, sliding Trent’s throbbing cock far down his throat as he gets it sopping wet.
Aaron takes his time and enjoys the feeling of Trent’s manhood in his mouth, massaging Trent’s
balls as he runs his mouth up and down his rock hard shaft. Once Trent’s warmed up and Aaron
gets a taste of what’s to come, Trent lubes up his huge cock and invites Aaron onto his lap…and
Aaron certainly doesn’t hesitate to accept the invitation! Aaron balances himself on top of Trent and
lowers himself onto his hard cock. Once his tight ass has adjusted to Trent’s impressive size and
girth, Aaron begins to move up and down, bouncing on Trent’s dick as he gets it as deep as he can.
But these two aren’t content there, they want to fuck hard and fast, and Trent bends Aaron over the
bed and shoves his big dick inside him again. He pounds him hard, getting his cock deeper with
each thrust as Aaron throws his head back in ecstasy. They switch it up again as Aaron lays on his
back and spreads his legs wide, inviting Trent back inside him. Trent is quick to obey and as he
pumps Aaron full of his dick, Aaron works his own cock and shoots his hot thick load. Trent pulls out
and busts a nut, coming all over Aaron!

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