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Davey Anthony Fucks Armando Torres Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Davey Anthony
Armando Torres

Davey Anthony and Armando Torres are two hot college guys looking to get off, and Davey knows just what Armando needs to get his mind off of school and onto more naughty things.  The pair start kissing, making out as Armando rests his hand on Davey’s bulge, until finally he can’t keep himself away and he wraps his mouth around Davey’s cock, sucking on that meat until it’s hard and thick. 

Of course, Davey returns the favor and gets on his knees to blow Armando, pulling his prick in and out of his hot mouth as Armando strips off the rest of his clothes.  But meat isn’t the only thing Davey’s got a taste for, he wants some of that ass and gives Armando a very hot and thorough rimjob before sticking him in with his throbbing cock! 

Armando arches his back as he bottoms for Davey, letting him pound him as he moans, taking that big prick all the way into his tight ass.  Davey flips Armando onto his back and rides him that way for a while, filling Armando's ass up with his cock.  Next Davey flips Armando onto his side, fucking him good until they both bust a nut and cum all over!

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