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Sam Northman
Dante Monroe

Dante Monroe and Sam Northman are quite the hot pair, and they get even hotter when they push their lips together and start making out, tasting each other before the real fun starts and Dante drops his pants!  Sam is quick to get that huge fat cock in his mouth, and he sucks on that hard dick like it’s the best piece of meat he’s ever put in his mouth.  Sam undresses as well and Dante gives him some oral in return, pulling that big dick in and out of his hot, wet mouth until he’s got Sam good and hard. 

Of course, what's foreplay without a little mouth-on-ass action!  Dante gives Sam’s ass a good licking, rimming that tight little hole until it’s dripping wet, then he slowly slides his throbbing prick inside of Sam, pumping until Sam’s ass is used to the size…then he fucks him hard!  Each thrust makes Sam’s ass bounce as Dante rides him doggy style, going balls deep into that ass and filling Sam up with his big, juicy cock!  Sam takes that dick until he shoots his load all over the bed, and Dante pulls out and busts a nut onto Sam’s back!

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