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Timothy Rivers And Javier Cruz Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Javier Cruz
Timothy Rivers

Once Timothy Rivers and Javier Cruz lock lips and start making out, it’s not long before these guys are getting hard in their pants.  Javier frees Timothy’s dick and then captures it with his mouth, sucking on that delicious meat as Timothy watches him from above.  They switch places and it’s Timothy giving Javier head next, licking and sucking Javier’s long, curved shaft as Javier moans gently at the feeling of Timothy’s wet mouth around his cock. 

Timothy’s got a taste for ass and he bends Javier over and rims that tight little hole, running his tongue up and down Javier’s ass as he buries his face between it…and then buries his cock in it next!  Timothy slowly pushes his dick into Javier and fucks him deep, filling Javier up with the full length of his cock while Javier yanks on his own hard prick.  When Javier’s ass has stretched to fit that big dick, Timothy fucks him harder and faster until he makes Javier finish with an amazing cumshot and then strokes out a huge load himself!

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