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Zeke Weidman
Marc Antoine

Zeke Weidman is taking charge in this sexy scene and Marc Antoine doesn’t seem to mind as they kiss and undress, Zeke grabbing for Marc’s big cock until he has it in his mouth, deepthroating that sweet cock as it gets harder and harder between his lips! When Zeke’s taste for meat has been satisfied they move to the bed and make out, grinding against each other until Marc sits back and spreads Zeke’s ass apart, fingering that tight hole and then coming back in for some kisses before lubing up and inviting Zeke onto his lap.

Zeke straddle Marc and lowers his ass onto Marc’s thick throbbing cock, bouncing up and down and riding Marc’s member as they fuck.  They try side by side next, and Marc grabs Zeke and kisses him hard as he pulls his dick in and out of Zeke’s tight entrance, pounding that perfect ass as Zeke takes it all! They move so that Zeke is on his back and Marc is above him, Zeke’s legs spread wide for Marc as he fucks him hard and makes him cum, then pulls out and shoots his load right onto Zeke’s face!

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