Sean And Tyler
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The sexy Tyler decided to pay us a visit and have a little fun with Sean. It starts off with Sean passing the time with porn because it is too hot to get out of the house. They start watching the porn together and have that awkward exchange we have all had with another guy where we know where we want it to go but are not entirely sure the other guy feels the same way. Sean asks Tyler how long it has been for him and Tyler answers back that it has been awhile. Sean plays it coy and says that if Tyler has nothing else to do... Tyler picks up the cue and starts to rub Seans cock through his camo shorts and Sean returns the favor. Tyler is the first to take it further and sticks his hands into Seans shorts while Sean moves his hips and enjoys the rubbing. It is not too much longer until Tyler starts to undo Seans belt to reveal the head of his cock poking out of his briefs. Sean is the first to lose all of his clothes and Tyler takes his cock by the base and starts to go down on it while Sean moans. Sean has a nice cock with a beautiful head that Tyler teases in between trying to take it all the way down. Soon, Tyler's pants come off and Sean starts to give him an intense blowjob. It's a loud blowjob, as you can hear Sean slurping on Tyler's perfect cock and Tyler moaning from the enjoyment of receiving awesome head. Sean loves sucking on balls and does an amazing job with Tyer's. The boys really get into pleasing each other and move into a 69 position that made me want to explode. Just when I thought the two of them couldn't make it any hotter, Tyler sits down on Sean and starts jerking both of their cocks together, which has always been one of my favorite things to do in bed. At this point, the two of them are driving me absolutely insane. Sean is the first to cum while Tyler is jerking them off together. It gets slippery and Tyler's cock slips out of the double jacking but it isn't long until Tyler brings them together again so that he can cum, too. Tyler ends up taking a little longer to cum and the scene ends with Sean jerking Tyler off until he blows a huge load all over Sean's stomach.