Holden And Ivan
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Well Holden came back and brought along his good friend Ivan. If you remember Holden was the prick tease that used to do cam shows for me until that famous night he came by and stayed over. Well he brought Ivan with him and Ivan is a cutie. I knew when these two decided to spend the night that things were going to get wild and crazy, but surprisingly they didn't! I was a bit disappointed until the next morning. I crept in and I found Holden slowly teasing his boyfriend. He started with a little nip kiss and when Ivan rolled around a little he began to explore his body with his tongue and mouth. He must have done something right because Ivan was semi hard before Holden's hot tongue made it down into his undies. When Ivan wakes up and sees Holden sucking and fingering his uncut cock he grins and leans back to let Holden continue his ministrations. It doesn't take him long to get that dick hard and he even begins to finger that tight ass as Ivan tells him to suck it some more. Holden did a great job of alternating between jerking, stroking and fingering Ivan's sweet cock and ass. I know Ivan was really enjoying Holden's attention. He was moaning and telling him to suck that dick. I knew with all this attention that cock would cum and cum hard soon. He exploded his load all over his stomach and then moved Holden into a position so that he could return the favor. Holden's cock was creating a huge bulge in his undies, and we know how much I love that. I enjoyed watching as Ivan licked and nibbled on Holden's nipples and his cock throbbed in his white tightie whities. When Ivan pulled his undies down that cock came bobbing out and right into Ivan's mouth. I could tell right away that Ivan was no stranger to a dick. He knew exactly what to do when he got his mouth and hands on this one. Holden didn't have a problem with his jerking and sucking. Ivan loved how Holden felt in his mouth and continued to eat that dick like a lollipop. He wanted to eat that big dick and find its chewy center. He stopped sucking though and began jerking trying to find a cum center that he could reach and explode on Holden's stomach. He does such a great job that Holden begins to moan as Ivan rocks that cock and he explodes his cum onto Ivan's hand and his stomach. I think both these boys had a great time at my house. I bet we might see them again together or one at a time. At least I hope so!