Mike And Alex
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There is nothing hidden in this hot video that I captured. I am the master of getting guys to come over and suck and jerk on those rods for me, and today wasn't any different. I got online and started hanging out in a few adult chat rooms I know and in a few hours I had two horny guys headed over to my house for some jerking fun. Mike arrived a bit earlier than Alex, so he was ready for this little hottie when he arrived. They didn't waste time; Alex went right after Mike's hot hard body. He unbuttoned his shirt and began working on his jeans moaning and breathing hard the entire time. Mike leaned back and enjoyed the great tongue action that Alex was giving him. Alex didn't even get Mike's pants off he just pulled his cock out of his jeans and began to suck on that big dick. He did finally pull his pants off and helped him take his shirt off so that Mike was naked and showing off all his tattoos. That is when Alex really went to town on that cock sucking and jerking as he moaned his enjoyment. I think he moaned louder than Mike. He really loves cock and you can tell by how well he sucks on that hard dick of Mike's. Then Alex began to jerk on Mike's hard meat while he licked his stomach and nipples. As Mike began to moan more Alex really started to stroke on his cock moaning and opening his mouth hoping for a huge cumload to splash his face. He didn't have to wait long; Mike spewed his load all over Alex's face and hand. Then it was Mike's turn to give Alex a mind blowing orgasm. Alex swapped him places and Mike went to work licking and stroking on his cock and body. He began to take his clothes off and Alex already had a rock hard dick waiting to be sucked and jerked on. Alex really liked that tongue ring of Mike's as it flicked its way across his head and down his shaft. Mike jerked and sucked at the same time making Alex moan even more as his cock was teased and made even harder by all the attention. Alex was so excited that it didn't take much of Mike's jerking and special tongue lashing action to get him to cum hard all over Mike's hand, and his stomach. That cock just kept cumming and cumming until he was bone dry and everything was plastered with thick gooey jizz.