4 Way Oral
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I was taking a day off and went out to the zoo to check out the animals. I like going during the weekdays when I don't have to fight families and tons of other animal lovers. I hit the jackpot as I entered and found 4 college guys hanging out and watching the animals. I realized at once that Tommy and Austin were with these guys. I knew it was my lucky day and headed over to hook up with them and have a fun day. We had a great time checking out the animals and watching the giraffes as they fucked each other. It was at that point that we headed back to my place and everyone, got naked and busy. It started out innocently enough with all of them on the bed and jerking on their cocks inside their pants, and then Sean began to kiss Jake while Tommy and Austin began to take off their shorts and pull out their cocks. Austin had his cock out first and really began to jerk on it as Tommy took his pants off and offered his dick to Austin to suck. Austin begins to suck Tommy's cock while still stroking on his own cock. Tommy is enjoying that mouth action as Sean and Jake begin to get undressed and enjoy each other's hard naked bodies. It doesn't take Jake long to grab Sean's cock and begin to gobble it down like a hungry man at a cake eating contest. As Austin and Sean get those cocks licked and sucked they lean over to kiss each other. Then it is time for Austin to gobble on Tommy's dick. He likes the fact that Sean grabs his dick and strokes it while he is sucking on that hard cock. Jake is still doing his best at this time to make Austin go nuts with need. He does a great job because Austin swaps and is now gobbling on Jakes hard dick making him moan. The next thing I know these four are entangled with each other. Jake is leaning back as Austin sucks his dick and Jake has him wrapped within his arms as Tommy gobbles on his cock. These boys keep moving around sharing bodies and cocks it s a delight to watch. Austin soon has his dick rocked by Jake and Austin gives Tommy some mouth action that he won't forget as well. Then they all hop on Tommy, sharing his dick while he moans and groans out his pleasure with each tongue lap and mouth slurp. Jake then leans over to suck on Austin's dick as he is sucking on Tommy. Sean has his mouth wrapped around Jake's cock by this time and they are all moaning and ready to explode. Tommy strokes and jerks on Austin's dick until he explodes his cream load on Jake's hair and face as he sucks on Tommy's stiff cock. Jake continues to jerk on Tommy and takes another heavy load of cream on his face for his trouble. Now the boys are concentrating on Jakes cock and it is Sean that takes his heavy cream load when it explodes. Last, but not least is Sean and all the boys help him to cum hard by kissing him, fondling his body, kissing him and making him so horny that he busts a huge nut.