Cody And Nathan Get Wet In The Pool
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The scene begins with two nude boys playing with a beach ball in a crystal clear pool. Soon the ball floats away and Cody and Nathan move closer together. As they get closer, their eyes lock and they share a tender moment of intimacy. Without saying a word, they both know what is about to happen next. Cody takes the lead as he kisses Nathan on the lips, passionately exploring each other's mouths. Their tongues intertwine as they continue to make out in the water. Cody reaches down between his legs and begins to stroke himself while Nathan wraps his arms around him tightly. Their hard cocks bob up and down in the water as they move against each other, building up intense sexual tension. On the pool steps Cody takes Nathan's cock into his mouth, he uses his tongue to stroke and tease it, causing Nathan to moan with pleasure.

Eventually, Nathan becomes so aroused that he thrusts his stiff rod down Cody's throat, forcing him to take even more big cock into his mouth. As they continue their intimate moment, the two move to a nearby towel on the pool deck where Nathan takes control of the situation by putting Cody's erect penis into his mouth. The boy's head bobs up and down on the dick near the side of the pool. Cody enjoys the blow job from Nathan, his big dick standing like a flag pole. Sunlight bathes their naked bodies in a warm soft glow. Suddenly Cody bends over, exposing his tight, puckered hole to Nathan. Unable to resist the temptation of taking advantage of this intimate moment, Nathan with lightning-fast speed, starts licking and teasing Cody's entrance, making him moan in pleasure. As Nathan continued to rim Cody's ass, his tongue flickering around his anal ring like a serpent's tail, Cody could feel his entire body tingling with excitement.

The two go inside and find a chair for Cody to straddle. His legs are spread wide and his hole is fully exposed. Nathan begins fingering Cody, probing his butt in preparation. Nathan climbed onto the chair behind Cody, positioning himself directly above his tight, wet hole. When Nathan felt Cody's firm buttocks resting on his lap, he slowly inserted his big dick into the pink, puckered hole, feeling it stretch and expand around his rigid shaft. Next Cody sits upon Nathan's big hard cock, bouncing up and down. Cody rides the stiff cock furiously before getting on his knees and taking it from behind. Nathan thrusts his long thick cock into Cody's boy hole. Nathan pulls out of Cody and the two guys start jerking off in synchronicity. Cody is first to cum with an impressive over the shoulder shot of sticky white goo. Next Nathan works out a load of cum squirting from his thick shaft onto Cody's belly. The encounter closes with both guys relieved and exhausted.