Austin And Drew Bros With Be Bros
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Austin stopped by for a shoot. He's just been just hanging out since the last time he visited the studio. Today, his friend Drew was also asked to join in on the casual (naked) time on Austin's bed. First, as a solo recliner, Austin grabs a sloppy handful of lube and begins rubbing his cock that is getting harder and enjoying the porn video on screen.

His hairless chest and teen body sprawls across the mattress while his hand props himself up enough to get leverage to rub his shaft. His arm behind his head, the camera zooms in on the now-hard, raw cock and finds Austin eyeing the porno playing for his pleasure. Suddenly, his cock is huge, massively filling his hand and barely gripped around by his fingers.

Drew shows up, fully clothed but not for long. This other sexy teen takes off his shirt and unbuttons his pants. "Never" has he seen Austin's dick before, he remarks playfully. By the time his jeans and underwear are thrown to the floor, his dick is half-cocked and desperate for more touch. The lube coats every inch until it is just as hard and long and massive as Austin's.

Throwing a leg over his friend's, Austin grabs Drew's cock while Drew does the same. They rub each other as if it were their own. Soon they beat in unison as their raw meat is getting tougher. Drew cups Austin's balls, feeling the soft pubes with the tips of his fingers. The naked teens keep touching themselves, and each other before striking up a conversation about how much they should and how often they blow their loads.

Young libidos and young bodies can go again and again. These cocks are no different. They are long and hard even after recently cumming. Drew adds more lube to the equation, and Austin utilizes every drop to rub himself harder, picking up speed and taking his cock to the brink. Before long, Drew, last to arrive, is the first to cum. His hot cream squirts onto his flat, muscular stomach, while Austin quickly follows his cue and drips his own cream onto himself.

They feel so much better, naked and released of tension now that their straight teen cocks are satisfied.