Drew Puts His Thick Meat In Landon
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The scene opens with a charged atmosphere as both Landon and Drew passionately kiss. Landon is wearing blue jeans and a simple tee shirt which evokes a casual yet enticing vibe. Drew, on the other hand, wears blue jeans paired with a more polished button-up shirt. As Drew and Landon continue their steamy makeout session, they slowly begin to undress one another. Their hands roam over each other's bodies, exploring every inch of skin as they unbutton and remove each other's clothing piece by piece. Once fully undressed, the two men sit there together, both feeling incredibly aroused and eager for more. They gaze into each other's eyes, sharing a deep sense of intimacy and desire that seems to be building between them.

Drew leans back on his chair and he watches Landon eagerly take his huge dick deep into his mouth. With each suction, Landon's lips stretch tight around Drew's thick shaft, while his tongue flickers against the sensitive head. The sight is enough to make Drew's balls tighten with anticipation as he feels himself getting closer to orgasm. Meanwhile, Landon continues to work his mouth up and down Drew's length, taking him deeper and deeper until he can feel the warmth of Landon's throat. Then Landon stands up and Drew sucks on the stiff rod. The two boys exchange blow jobs and then Drew explains he wants to eat Landon's ass. Landon straddles the chair above Drew and gets his ass eaten.

Drew eagerly takes charge by giving Landon a sensual rim job. They sixty nine while on the chair with Landon sucking Drew's cock while getting his ass eaten. Next Drew says he wants Landon to sit on his cock.Landon sits and slides Drew's monster penis inside his tight butt cheeks. While Drew impales Landon's ass with his massive cock, he begins to pound into him with an intense roughness. Landon moans in pleasure as he feels himself being stretched wide open by Drew's thick meat. The sound of their flesh slapping together fills the air as they move in perfect rhythm. Soon the intensity is too much and Drew pulls out. Drew shoots a sticky white load into Landon's mouth. Then Landon jerks off and cums onto his own abs. The scene comes to an end with both guys completely finished.