Getting Caught Watching Gay Porn
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This scene starts with Nikolas masturbating to porn on his laptop when suddenly Elijah walks in on him. Without any hesitation or embarrassment, Elijah boldly takes the initiative by leaning over Nikolas's crotch and sucks his massive erection like a pro. As Elijah passionately sucks on Nikolas's dick, he begins to fondle and stroke Nikolas's hardening cock with his hands. Nikolas is visibly aroused as he feels Elijah's warm lips wrapped around his stiff dick. He can feel every movement of Elijah's tongue and lips as they tease and stimulate his sensitive manhood. Elijah is taking Nikolas' massive cock into his mouth and going to work with his tongue, slurping and lapping at the thick shaft with intense passion. As he works his magic on Nikolas' dick, Elijah's lips are stretched wide around the bulging head of the cock, as if he's trying to swallow the entire thing whole.

Next Nikolas positions himself on a chair with his ass up. As Elijah delicately licks at Nikolas' puckered entrance, he can feel the tension building within him. With each teasing swipe of his tongue, Nikolas becomes increasingly aroused and eager for more. Nikolas' breathing quickens as he feels Elijah's warmth and moisture against his anus. He can barely contain his excitement. Soon Elijah goes back to sucking Nikolas's erect penis. While Elijah continues to suck on Nikolas's hard cock, he begins to anticipate what is about to come.

Nikolas puts on a condom and Elijah slathers lube on his own ass. Elijah takes the lead as he sits atop of Nikolas's erect penis, rocking back and forth while grinding his own body against Nikolas'. With each thrust, Elijah feels his own flesh being stretched to its limits by the thickness and length of Nikolas's manhood. Despite the initial discomfort, Elijah continues to ride Nikolas's dick with ease, taking full advantage of the intense pleasure that comes from being so intimately connected with another person in such a primal way. Next they move over to the bed and fuck in a doggy style. After a few moments of thrusting Nikolas pulls out and shoots a sticky white load onto Elijah's back. Then Elijah jerks off and cums onto his abs. The scene comes to an end with both guys sexually relieved.