Blonde Boys Landon And Mj Bang
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Equipped With Long Hard Cocks and White Underwear Blonde Bombshells Take Turns Sucking Dick!

As the camera pans over the two beautiful blonde men, they are seen sitting on the couch chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Landon is wearing a long sleeve white shirt and blue jeans with no shoes. MJ is wearing a blue tee, with ripped blue jeans and bare feet. As MJ rests his foot on the arm of the chair Landon is sitting on, there is a sense that he is already claiming some part of him even before they have fully committed to one another. Seductively, Landon grabs MJ's foot and begins to kiss it, running his tongue along the length of those long, slender toes. He starts to suck on the toes and then MJ removes his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and rippling abs. Landon follows along and takes off his long sleeve top, while continuing to suck MJ's toes. Both guys start to stroke their own cocks. Landon satiates his foot fetish with one last kiss on MJ's foot.

Both guys suddenly strip down to their tight white underwear. Their hard bodies were covered in goosebumps from anticipation. Landon was the first one to take action. He whipped out his dick that was already standing at attention. MJ's eyes widened in excitement as he stared at Landon's massive piece of meat. MJ's six pack abs are on full display as Landon strokes his dick. The two blonde studs start making out and jerking off. Next MJ stands up and Landon gives him an eager blow job. With one hand on the base of the dick, he guides it towards his waiting lips. As soon as the tip touches his tongue, he wraps his lips around it and begins sucking away with passionate intensity. His warm saliva mixes with MJ’s pre-cum to create a slippery sensation. Next MJ starts sucking on Landon's long hard cock. Both guys are fully naked now.

Things heat up when MJ starts licking Landon's ass hole. Landon gets a tongue punching rim job from MJ. Moans echo throughout the room. Next MJ slips on a condom and slides his big dick inside Landon. He thrusts forward penetrating the tight boy hole. These big dick blonde boys fuck with ease. MJ physically lifts Landon and pounds his ass. Then Landon bends over onto his hands and knees, and MJ impales him from behind. Landon's body is filled with pleasure. MJ's abs flex with each thrust. Soon Landon shoots a sticky white load onto the blue bed sheets that sit upon the couch. MJ pulls out and jerks off, shooting globs of cum onto Landon's back. The scene comes to a close with both guys exhausted.