Landon Sucks Hunter & Uses Dildo
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Suck My Cock While I Shove the Dildo Back In! See Hunter Dominates Landon's Boy Hole With a Dildo.

The scene begins with Hunter and Landon sitting next to eachother on top of a large wooden piece of furniture. Hunter is wearing a black tee shirt and khaki shorts. Landon has on a blue shirt and denim jeans. The two studs are chatting about sex, and performing in gay porn. As they continue their flirtatious banter, Landon suggestively caresses his own hardening cock through his tight fitting blue jeans. He then asks Hunter if he is ready to play around today. Hunter responds, explaining that he is rather horny. Next the two guys remove their shirts to show off their toned torsos. Hunter is muscular and has strong pecs. Landon helps Hunter to remove his clothes, until he is fully nude. Next Landon starts sucking on Hunter's cock to get him hard. As Landon continues to suck on Hunter's dick, he begins to move faster, slurping and moaning around the thick shaft.

His lips are stretched tightly around the base of Hunter's cock, as if they were trying to devour every last inch of meat. Meanwhile, Hunter is groaning loudly, his hands clenched tightly. Suddenly, without warning, Landon then moves down to Hunter's toes. Landon worships Hunter's strong feet using his mouth and tongue to gently caress. Meanwhile Hunter strokes his cock while Landon kisses up his leg and back to his dick. Landon sucks Hunter's big thick dick thoroughly. As they both fool around, their musky scents mingling together, the sounds of moans and heavy breathing fill the room. Hunter begins to play with Landon's dick while receiving head. Next Landon removes his remaining clothes and continues to worship Hunter's thick cock.

Soon Hunter physically lifts Landon onto the wooden furniture and lays him down. Then Hunter probes Landon's tight butt hole. He drives two fingers into the boy hole, then asks if he wants the dildo inside. Hunter slathers some lube onto the moderately sized dildo and begins inserting it inside Landon's rear. After a brief moment Landon feels the thickness of the dildo stretching out his tight anal cavity. Landon moans loudly while sucking cock and taking the dildo. Landon is being double penetrated with Hunter taking control of his holes. With a dildo in his ass and Hunter's cock in his mouth. Landon begs Hunter to shove the dildo back in. Hunter dominates his partner by filling each of his holes. Hunter's muscular butt is on full display for the camera. Hunter thrusts into Landon's mouth bringing them both great pleasure. Soon Landon shoots a sticky white load onto his own abs. Then Hunter jerks off furiously, shooting cum onto and into Landon's face. The scene comes to a close with both guys completely spent.