Wolf's Cock Plunges Deep Into Codys
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Feel the Heat as Wolf's Massive Cock Plunges Deep Into Cody's Smooth Tight Boy Hole!

The scene begins with Cody and Wolf engaging in a hot and heavy makeout session. Their lips are locked together as they explore each other's mouths with their tongues. Their hands roam freely across each other's bodies, exploring every inch of flesh. Wolf's hand slips down into Cody's blue jean pocket, feeling around for his dick. He eventually finds it and starts stroking it through the material of Cody's pants. Cody moans softly into Wolf's ear, clearly enjoying the attention. Soon Cody starts sucking on Wolf's nipples and unbuttoning his denim jeans. Cody takes hold of Wolf's big hard cock and puts it in his mouth. As Cody takes Wolf's throbbing member into his mouth, he runs his hands over Wolf's muscular body, feeling every ripple and contour. Without warning Wolf takes the lead and begins to kiss Cody's abs.

When Cody's blue jeans hit the floor, Wolf eagerly takes his dick into his mouth and begins sucking on it like a pro. Both guys are completely naked and embrace each other. The sexually charged atmosphere intensifies as they stroke each other and jerk off in synchronized rhythm. Soon Cody gets on his knees and sucks Wolf's hard on. The two guys exchange blow jobs for several moments. Then Wolf suddenly grabs a condom and slips it on. Cody bends over to reveal his smooth boy hole. Wolf slather some lube onto the tight butt. Next Wolf slides his big cock inside Cody's puckered pink hole. He thrusts forward, impaling Cody with his rigid ram rod. Cody moans out in pleasure while Wolf fucks him slowly at first.

After a few moments Cody's hole relaxes for his top. They move to the bed and Wolf fucks Cody sideways. Moans and groans echo throughout the space. Cody spreads his legs wide for pounding, like a good bottom boy. Wolf thrashes his ass and delivers erotic shivers down Cody’s spine. It's too much for Cody to handle and he blasts a load of sticky white cum all over his own abs. Wolf pulls out and yanks the condom off. Wolf jerks off furiously above Cody. Wolf ejaculates all over Cody, in a wave of bliss. The scene comes to an end with both guys thoroughly satiated.