Stairwell Seduction Aj Fucks Kurt
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Stairwell Seduction! See Cock Sucking Kurt Worship Long Meaty Boy AJ With Tongue Action.

AJ and Kurt start their hot and steamy gay sex scene with them both shirtless and panting heavily in the stairwell. AJ has already taken off his denim jeans and is now sticking out his hard dick through the gap in the stair railing. His muscular body is glistening with perspiration, and he seems ready to unload pent up tension. Meanwhile, Kurt is kneeling down before him, his lips wrap tightly around AJ's thick cock. He looks up at AJ with lustful eyes, eager to please him in any way possible. One cannot help but notice Kurt's insatiable hunger for cock. AJ's big dick looks particularly prominent through the gap. As Kurt puts AJ's long cock down his throat and works it with his mouth, back and forth he sucks and licks the enlarged member. His lips wrapped tightly around the shaft, while his tongue teases and caresses every last inch of flesh. One could almost feel the heat emanating from their bodies as they continue to explore each other's sexuality. In the mirror positioned near the stairs you can see AJ's ass. The two boys decide to move over by the bed.

Next Kurt removes his clothes and stands above AJ with his hard cock standing proudly at attention. With a smirk on his lips, Kurt slowly lowers himself down onto AJ's eager mouth, who takes his cock deep into his throat. As AJ sucks on Kurt's thick shaft, he can feel the precum dripping down his throat. Kurt moans loudly as he feels AJ's warm tongue sliding along his length. With each powerful thrust, Kurt's cock pistons in and out of AJ's eager mouth like a pump action machine gun. AJ's lips are stretched wide open around Kurt's massive meat pole as he continues to deepthroat him without pause or hesitation. Meanwhile, Kurt's rock-hard dick slams against the back of AJ's throat, causing both of them to groan with pleasure. The two studs softly exchange words before AJ leads back and puts his feet in the air. Kurt grabs hold of AJ's feet and puts a big toe in his mouth. Kurt seductively plays with AJ's feet using his mouth. Then Kurt uses AJ's feet as his personal masturbation toy. He massages and worships AJ's feet for several moments.

Suddenly AJ spreads his legs wide on the bed displaying his tight boy hole for Kurt. Kurt dives his tongue inside the hairy hole rimming it thoroughly. AJ moves himself in a submissive position where Kurt can really dig into his ass. Kurt smacks AJ's ass a few times and powerfully tongue punches the butt. Next AJ slips on a condom and lays back on a seat. Kurt positions himself above AJ's throbbing cock. AJ thrusts upward into Kurt's tight hole and fucks away. AJ is a savvy top and Kurt can't get enough of this big dick. Kurt bounces up and down rapidly riding the ram rod. Moans echo throughout the bedroom. Kurt's firm butt gets impaled but AJ's monster cock over and over again. Soon AJ takes Kurt from behind and thrashes his ass roughly. After a few moments AJ pulls out and shoots a sticky white load all over Kurts. Kurt jerks off and reaches climax causing globs of cum to erupt onto his own abs. The scene comes to an end with both guys exhausted.