Seth Lyons Busts Using Giant Dildo
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Thrilling Masturbatory Mayhem! Join Seth And His Dildo As He Embarks On An Exhilarating Ride Of Self Pleasure.

To start Seth introduces himself and answers a few questions about where he is from. Seth explains that he enjoys being a disc jockey or DJ for underground music events. Seth goes by the nickname sonic because of an exciting night at a party. Appearance wise Seth Lyons is a handsome young man with a toned build that’s on full display through his tight blue jeans. His bare chest is exposed through his unbuttoned black collared shirt, which hangs loosely around his shoulders. He has short brown hair and a playful grin on his lips. As Seth strips down, his massive eight-inch dick stands proudly against his thick bushy crotch. Seth is 5 foot 11 inches tall and has long hairy legs.

The solo jerk off performance begins with Seth laying on the bed stroking his long meaty cock. He starts to touch his hairy hole and work himself into a frenzy. The camera pans to get a view of his naked body on full display. As Seth lies on his bed, he starts to feel even more horny. He knows exactly what he needs to relieve some tension, his trusty dildo. Soon, he grabs a large dildo and slathers it with lubricant. He takes a moment to admire the sleek shaft before inserting it into his ass hole. Seth moans with pleasure as he impales himself with the long, cock like toy. He begins to thrust back and forth, pumping the dildo in and out of his tight anal cavity. His movements become faster and more intense, his breathing becoming heavier with each passing second.

While Seth enjoys his intense masturbatory session, he continues to jab the massive dildo into his stretched out hole. With each thrust, he moans loudly, clearly savoring the pleasure that only this enormous toy can provide. As he reaches climax, he throws his head back and lets out a long, drawn-out scream of ecstasy. After catching his breath for a moment, he decides to switch things up a bit by getting onto all fours and showing off his incredible ass to the camera. As he slowly lowers himself onto the dildo, he gasps in delight at the feeling of being filled so completely. His body undulates rhythmically as he rides out his orgasm, his muscles tensing and relaxing in time with his movements. Suddenly he lays back and jerks off furiously. This leads to him blasting his own abs with a hot sticky load of cum. He pulls the dildo out of himself and shows off his stretched pink hole. By the end of the scene, Seth is completely spent, panting heavily and covered in a sheen of sweat and cum.