Shane Rims Seth On Car In Garage
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Convertible Confessions, Best Friends Share A Secret Love Affair After Finding Dirty Magazine In Garage.

The scene begins with Shane and Seth hanging out in the garage next to a black convertible. Shane is wearing a light green tee and Seth has on a black shirt. They are both wearing denim jeans and are chatting. Suddenly Shane reaches into the car and grabs a magazine. It's a porn magazine, and the two studs flip through the pages together. Shane finds a favorable page and drops the porn magazine to the floor. The two of them turn on by the erotic visuals they found and start touching themselves. Both Shane and Seth whip their dicks out, and remove their shirts. Soon Seth reaches over and grabs Shane's hard cock and looks at him with desire in the eyes. Shane leans in for a passionate kiss on Seth's plump lips and their tongues intertwine in a sensual dance. With each passing moment, the fire within them burns brighter and hotter.

Shane and Seth are having hot man-on-man action in the garage. Their bodies are covered in a sheen of perspiration as they enthusiastically make out. Seth starts by kissing Shane on the chest before moving down lower. His tongue explores every nook and cranny of Shane's chest and stomach. Meanwhile, Shane's hands roam all over Seth's muscular body, feeling every ripple and contour. As their passion builds, Seth finally takes Shane's rock-hard dick into his mouth. He sucks on it like a pro, making sure not to miss any of that delicious precum dripping from the tip. Next they remove their denim jeans and press their bodies together completely naked. Shane bends the knees and gives Seth some oral pleasure. Shane sucks Seth's cock expertly, he is able to deepthroat all eight inches. Then Seth drops to his knees and sucks Shane's erect shaft. Seth is more submissive and sucks more cock, before climbing on top of the car and revealing his hairy hole to Shane.

Shane licks Seth's puckered tight butt and rims him thoroughly. Shane exclaims that it tastes so good, as he tongue punches the boy hole on top of the car. Next Seth hops down and Shane drives his thick meaty ram rod inside of Seth's ass hole. Seth groans out in enjoyment while being impaled by Shane from behind. The sound of flesh slapping against skin fills the room as the pounding reverberates. Seth and Shane moan out while fucking furiously. Shane is a dominant rough top and Seth is eager to bottom for him. Soon Shane sits down on top of the convertible and Seth squats down and rides his cock. Seth bounces up and down working the shaft with his hole. After a few moments Seth lays back on the car and Shane gives it to him good. Shane thrusts his thick dick inside Seth's boy hole stretching him wide open. Seth's legs are spread wide for easy entry. Seth jerks his dick and squirts cum all over his own abs. Shane delivers a relentless ass pounding. Shane pulls out and launches several loads of cum all over Seth's torso and face. The scene comes to an end with both guys completely exhausted.