Two Friends On The Couch Get Horny
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Lustful Obsession, Witness Why Ty Can't Get Enough Of Ace's Tight Ass And Rock Hard Dick

The scene begins with Ty and Ace rough petting one another's thigh. This leads to some intimate kissing on the couch. This leads to some intimate kissing on the couch. Ty is wearing a horizontal striped shirt. Ace is wearing a white button up. Ace and Ty kiss passionately and remove their tee shirts. As Ty and Ace continue their make out session, both boys begin to feel increasingly aroused. With each passing moment, the intensity of their desire continues to grow. Soon they are unbuttoning their khaki shorts and taking them off. Both studs are just in their boxers and keep kissing all over. Ace feels Ty's hard cock through his boxers. Then Ace takes Ty's hard cock out of his boxers and puts it in his mouth. Ty's massive cock fills Ace's mouth as he sucks on it eagerly. He moves his head back and forth, taking all of Ty's length down his throat. Meanwhile, Ty grasps hold of Ace's hair, guiding him on how fast or slow to go. With each stroke, Ace feels Ty's thickness fill his entire mouth, almost as if he could swallow it whole.

Ace strips down and stands up looking Ty in the eyes. Ty takes hold of Ace's rock hard dick and guides it into his mouth. He sucks on it hungrily, swirling his tongue around the head before taking it all the way down his throat. Meanwhile, Ace runs his hands over Ty's smooth skin, feeling every contour of his body. Ty decides to take things to the next level by getting on top of Ace. Ty and Ace move their bodies in synchronization while snuggling on the blue sofa. Eventually they get up to sword battle with their cocks. Suddenly Ace bends over the bed displaying his ass for Ty. Then Ace backs up, penetrating himself with Ty's long hard cock. Ty is wearing a condom and thrashing Ace's ass with each thrust. Ace moans and groans while bottoming for Ty. His facial expression represents pure pleasure.

Ty jabs Ace's innards with his long ram rod dick. Ace begs to be fucked harder, and Ty drives it in deeper. Ty puts his fingers inside Ace's mouth seductively. They to fuck furiously for several moments and then move to the sofa. Ace spreads his legs wide and Ty shoves his long cock back inside the boy hole. Ace has a tight ass that Ty can't get enough of. Soon Ace strokes his cock and blasts a load all over his abs while Ty pounds him. Ty removes the condom and jerks off above Ace. He ejects globs of sticky white cum all over Ace's toned chest. The scene comes to an end with both guys sexually satiated.