Big Dick Boss Ty Carver Fucks Ian
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Innocent Beginnings, Hot Endings During A Twisted Game of Corporate Domination When Ty Carver Fucks Desperate Interviewee Ian.

The scene begins when handsome and powerful businessman Ty Carver interviews young and attractive Ian for a job position. As the interview progresses, it becomes clear that Ty has a devious plan in mind. He senses that Ian is desperate for work and uses this knowledge to his advantage. While they sit across from each other at Ty's large oak desk, there is a tense atmosphere in the air. Ty is wearing a black business suit with a yellow colored necktie. Ian is wearing a black collared polo shirt and black slacks. Ty grabs Ian's hand and places it on his own growing erection, telling him that if he wants to get ahead in the business then he needs to prove himself by giving him a good blowjob. Ian says he will do anything for this job and begins sucking on Ty's rigid rod. Ty unbuttons his shirt while receiving head from his submissive partner. Meanwhile Ian struggles to take the entire large shaft down his throat. Both guys remove their shirts and strip down to nothing.

While Ty Carver takes control of the situation by dominating Ian Gay in their sexual encounter, the atmosphere becomes charged with intense passion and desire. Ty still wears the necktie and black dress socks to show he is the boss. Suddenly, Ian lays back onto the desk and Ty starts sucking his cock. Eventually, the boss pulls out some lube and begins probing Ian's puckered hole. Boss Ty asks Ian how badly he wants this job while fingering his tight ass. As they continue their steamy session, Ty shoves his big dick inside Ian's hairy hole, filling him completely. With every thrust, Ty's powerful muscles contract, causing his body to flex and contort in a mesmerizing display of raw sexual energy.

Ian submits and lets the interviewing boss Ty fuck his ass. Ty furiously thrusts into Ian's boy hole, back and forth. Sounds of grunting and passion fill the office space. Next Ian gets onto a chair and displays his butt for Ty to dominate. Top boss Ty rams his pulverizing meat pole into desperate interviewee Ian. Ian starts jerking off, and says he is about to climax. Ty fucks him from behind while Ian stands and blasts sticky white globs of semen all over the office. Suddenly Ty jerks off his big dick resulting in a creamy facial for Ian. Boss Ty gives Ian the job for submitting to his devious desires. The scene comes to an end with both dudes exhausted.