Aaron Fills Dillon's Virgin Ass
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Deflowering Desires Meet Naughty Blow Jobs And Anal Fucking When Aaron Teaches Dillon How To Be Bad.

The scene begins with Dillon giving Arron a deep tissue massage. As Dillon's expert fingers glide across Aaron's flesh, his eyes close in pure bliss. He feels completely relaxed and rejuvenated under Dillon's skilled touch. Aaron is only wearing a white towel, meanwhile tan and muscular Dillon is shirtless. While the massage progresses, Dillon's rougher strokes begin to arouse both men. Their breathing quickens, and their heart rates increase. Dillon's strong hands massage and rub every inch of Aaron's body. Suddenly Aaron lifts his towel to reveal his bare ass cheeks to the masseur. Aaron's toes point into the air and Dillon nibbles on his feet. Eventually due to gravity or something more devious Aaron’s cloth towel falls to the floor. With curious excitement Dillon gets naked in front of Aaron's face. With an arch in his back Aaron starts sucking on Dillons hard cock. Dillon is great at giving massages and has service on his mind.

Dillon insists on Aaron laying back and relaxing while he provides an intimate blow job. Muscular Dillon works Aarons big dick with his mouth for several moments. Next they move on to some ass play in the bedroom. Aaron James takes charge, when he orders submissive Dillon to get on the bed. With his smooth virgin ass on display, Dillon eagerly complies. Without wasting any time, Aaron demands that Dillon says "I want you to butter my biscuit AJ!" as instructed by his dominant partner. Without hesitation, Dillon obeys and repeats the phrase. As soon as he finishes saying those words, Aaron James immediately shoves his tongue into the bare ass of Dillon. Moans fill the room as a ravenous rim job continues. Dillion has a sweet tasting ass that Aaron cant get enough of, so next he decides its time for fucking.

Aaron slides his big dick inside Dillon's tight muscle ass. Dillon can barely handle the large cock inside him, so he lets out groans of pleasure mixed with pain. Aaron pops Dillon's cherry and pulverizes his innocent man hole. Aaron wont hold back though, he keeps pounding away, giving in to his domineering nature. The headboard shakes back and forth and they pound away. Soon Aaron lays back and has Dillon ride his cock up and down. Dillon's trimmed pubes are shown above his soft cock, while Aaron teaches him how to take dick up the ass. After fucking like wild animals they lay back on the bed together and stroke their meaty rods. Dillon's stiff cock erupts blasting white cream onto his abs. Suddenly Aaron jerks off his monster dong and shoots a sticky white cum load above his bushy pubes. The scene comes to an end with both guys are completely exhausted and sexually satisfied from a job well done.