Strong Lee Gives Landon Cum Facial
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Huge Power Meets Sweet Submission, Watch as Landon Reed Gets a Taste of Rough Anal Sex With Lee Stephens!

The scene begins with cute blonde Landon Reed and strong Lee Stephens laying on the bed together. Landon has on a white longsleeve and blue denim jeans. Lee is wearing a blue tank top and khaki shorts. Landon is blush red thinking about martial artist Lee's muscular build. Lee removes his tank top and Landon's wet lips pounce. Landon tastes every inch of Lee's exposed body starting from his chest and working his way down. Lee removes his shorts and his cock springs forth. Landon strokes Lee's dick furiously. Next the two boys remove all their clothes and kiss passionately. When Lee Stephens directs Landon to suck on his massive cock, the hungry desperate bottom boy takes orders and eagerly starts slurping away like a pro.

Landon's lips are stretched wide around Lee's thick, meaty missile, and his eager mouth works furiously to please his dominant lover. The sounds of slurping and gagging fill the room as Landon satisfies his oral fixation. Lee takes control and thrusts his hips driving his big dick into the boy's mouth. Landon says he is ready for Lee to fuck his ass. Lee equips a condom and Landon slather lube onto his hole. With a swift squat Landon impales himself on Lee's rigid rod and bounces up and down. Landon moans out while Lee savagely pounds away at the tight pink hole. With each thrust, Lee's massive meat rod digs deeper into Landon's tight boy butt, filling it with his thick, pulsing manhood. Landon moans out while Lee savagely pounds away at the tight pink hole.

Powerful Lee physically lifts Landon up and pounds away. Soon the weight of holding and fucking becomes to much so they move on top of the bed. Lee has endless sexual energy that he unleashes on blonde Landons tight rear end. Eventually sex becomes too much for Landon and he jerks his own dick to reach climax while getting railed. Suddenly Landon squirts a few globs of cum onto the wall. Lee pulls out and blasts Landon's face with a wave of sticky white cum. A creamy drop drips from Landons cute pointy nose while Lee shoves his dick back inside the twink mouth. Landon says Lee's cum tastes so good. The two boys have one last kiss and the scene comes to an end.