Poolside Solo Anal Play Kameron
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Young Gay Guy Kameron Loves Reading Erotic Stories And Puts All Five Fingers Inside His Own Butt!

Kameron Scott, a handsome young man with piercing eyes and a lean physique, stands proudly completely naked. He introduces himself, explaining that he's 20 years old, hails from Virginia, identifies as gay, graduated from University, and is a passionate fan of baseball. Kameron admits his fetishes to the director. The boy is wildly into cum and fingering himself. Suddenly Kameron bends over and slathers some lube onto the fingers of his dominant hand. Softly he probes his puckered pink hole, rubbing against the smooth sensitive inner flesh. As Kameron continues his self-pleasure session by himself by the poolside, he starts stroking his thick long hard cock slowly while tightening his ass cheeks around each finger that he has inserted into his ass. He moans softly as he feels intense pleasure coursing through every fiber of his being.

He manages to fit three fingers inside his own butt rather quickly. When Kameron Scotts finger fucks his tight anal cavity, his muscular thighs flex and quiver from the intense sensation. Next he aims for shoving four fingers in his own ass. Kameron’s eyes are closed and face contorted as he manages to squeeze four fingers inside. As Kameron stretches himself out he feels waves of pleasure course throughout his body. Kameron decides to try and stick all 5 fingers inside his own ass. Impressively he accomplishes expanding his anal entrance using all five fingers. Surprisingly Kameron is someone who gets turned on by reading erotic stories. He has some naughty erotica loaded up on his cell phone and begins stroking his cock while imagining himself living vicariously.

Kameron's hands start to wander down to his crotch where they begin to stroke and tease his thick, meaty rod. His bushy pubes are visible beneath his fingers as he continues to play with himself. As he imagines himself living out these fantasies in reality, his arousal only intensifies. He works his big dick back and forth with the same hand that was in his ass earlier. The young guy is rock hard and stiff as can be from reading dirty stories. He stands in the pool and has a solo wank session for the camera. After a few moments of intimately stroking himself he finds a raft and lays upon the float. He furiously jerks off while lounging on the raft, each yank and tug sends ripples through the pool water. Eventually the pressure builds up and he squirts a huge glob of cum onto his own abs. The sticky white load coats his belly and Kameron's solo scene comes to a close.