Two Straight Guys And A Fleshlight
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Two Straight Guys And A Fleshlight, College Dude Roommates Break All Boundaries Of Sexuality During Scorching Hot Jerk Off.

The scene begins with two straight college dude roommates sitting next to each other. Rocco is wearing a black tee and denim jeans. Gavin is wearing a white shirt and black shorts. They have done solo jerk off videos for the studio in the past for cash. But never have done anything together. Rocco is especially koi and nervous about doing this with his roommate, but he needs the money. The director instructs the two boys to remove their clothes. Gavin and Rocco take off all their clothes and reveal their smooth muscle toned bodies. The plan is to watch some porn and stroke it out for the camera. Rocco grabs the remote and flips to something hot to watch. Both guys grin with nervous laughter. They apply some lube onto their shafts and start stroking. Their big cocks get hard almost immediately. Gavin can hardly contain himself, having never thought he would be doing this with his roommate. Still trying to process everything that's happening, Gavin can feel his own dick getting harder and harder by the second. Rocco grabs hold of his own cock and starts jacking off slowly, as if savoring every moment.

Next, the two guys turn around and show off their rears. Gavin's ass is perky and round, while Rocco's ass is tighter than a drum. They each have tight firm asses that look incredibly sexy when they're jacking off. As they continue to masturbate, Gavin's pucker is on full display through his bushy ass crack. Meanwhile, Rocco's ass is so tight you can barely see his hole. But even though they're both trying to hold out as long as possible, it soon becomes clear that neither guy is going to be able to last much longer without cumming. The guys stand up and keep jerking off. Gavin greets the camera in a goofy way and tries to keep a straight face. Rocco stays stiff and keeps massaging his dick. Suddenly they sit back down on the couch and switch places.

As Rocco and Gavin continue their jerk off session, they come across a new sex toy called a Fleshlight. The director hands the device to Rocco who eagerly takes hold of it. He then lubricates his cock before inserting it into the sleeve of the Fleshlight. Both men begin laughing as they listen to the unique sound that the device produces when it goes up and down on Rocco's hard cock. After a few moments of mutual masturbation the dudes decide to get down to business. They are gonna go for the cumshot. Gavin is first to reach climax by standing over a dark ottoman and blasting his sticky load onto the furniture. Gavin gives the camera a thumbs up. Next it's Rocco's turn to cum. He strikes a pose and furiously works his meaty cock. He busts a huge nut onto the ottoman coating it in his sticky white seed. With a sigh of relief Rocco finishes. The scene comes to an end with both guys fully satisfied.