Tommy Defendi Solo Tug Jizz Fest
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Temptation Tugging Ends In Sticky Release When Tommy Defendi Teases Us With His Huge Hard Cock. 

Tommy Defendi sits on a shiny sofa wearing nothing but tight blue denim jeans that hang low on his hips. His spiky black hair frames his handsome face, which is adorned with a playful grin. He looks like a sexy bad boy who loves to have fun. As the camera pans over his body, it is revealed that Tommy is packing some serious heat under those jeans. Tommy leans back against the soft cushions of the sofa, grabbing his dick through the fabric of his jeans and stroking it slowly. Tommy loves sex and figured porn would be a fun thing to do. He is very excited and cannot hold back from fondling himself while answering questions. During this hot solo jerk off scene, Tommy tells about the strangest place he’s ever had sex. He describes a sexual encounter inside a foggy phone booth while enduring a cold Chicago winter! Next Tommy removes his jeans and shows the camera his full body completely nude. Tommy says he works out two to three times per week and does his best to eat right.

His six pack abs ripple as he sits back against the couch. He grabs a squirt of lube and begins to stroke his hardening cock. With a relaxed expression on his face, Tommy takes slow deep breaths as he continues to masturbate. We get a close up view of his hardened cock as it slides effortlessly through his hand. Soon, the pace quickens and the passion intensifies as Tommy rubs his rigid rod with increasing urgency. His breathing becomes shallow and rapid, punctuated by occasional gasps and moans of pleasure. He sighs in delight as he works his manhood into a frenzy. His every move is imbued with raw sexual energy, from the way he cups his own balls in one hand while tenderly caressing the tip of his own shaft with the other, to the way he delivers long, slow strokes that seem to go on forever. Tommy's wet tongue licks the edges of his own lips as he takes in a deep breath.

Suddenly he sits on the headrest of the couch and spreads his legs wide and keeps Jerking off. Tommy slightly touches his tight anal entrance playfully. Then He turns around and kneels on the couch to present his toned ass for the camera. Thrusting forward his butt cheeks jiggle. Tommy bends over and shows off his hairy hole and big feet. Tommy touches himself intimately, tugging his erect member with ease. After a few moments of masturbating Tommy sits back down on the couch to get comfortable. With several strong final pulls of his own thick dick, Tommy blasts his abs with sticky white cum. The scene comes to an end with a load released and a boy feeling relieved.