Tommy Tops Seth After Foot Rub
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Feel the Excitement Build as Tommy Defendi's Foot Massage Leads to Full On Butt Fucking Seth Lyons! 

The scene begins with Seth Lyons giving Tommy Defendi a foot massage on the bed. Seth has on a green shirt and gray shorts. Tommy is wearing a blue tee and khaki cargo shorts. As Seth Lyons gives Tommy Defendi a foot massage, the tension between them starts to build. Tommy is visibly aroused by Seth's touch, and his breathing becomes heavier. Without hesitation Tommy removes his clothes and gets completely naked. His hard cock springs forth. Seth continues to rub Tommy's foot and even brushes it against his own manhood. Tommy orders Seth to remove his shirt, the boy obeys. Next Seth bends over and starts sucking on Tommy's thick dick. With a wet mouth Seth deepthroats the monster cock with ease. Suddenly Seth is fully nude and gets on his knees for more cock sucking. Tommy's moans echo throughout the room as he receives the blow job. For several moments Seth's lips, mouth, and tongue work the stiff rod.

Soon Seth sits on a blue chair near the bed and spreads his legs. With each delicious slather of lube, Tommy's tight pink hole becomes even wetter and more inviting than before. Then Tommy slowly works his well lubed fingers deeper into Seth's tight, quivering asshole, and both boys become consumed with desire. Seth submits to Tommy and lets him have his way with his body. The two boys kiss passionately and Tommy sucks on Seth's big dick. Eventually they move to the bed where things heat up even more. Tommy equips a condom and jabs his thick dick inside Seth's tight ass. Tommy thrusts forward into him, penetrating him deeply.

Seth breaths heavily and groans out while being butt fucked. Tommy's hairy ass is on display as he tops the bottom. Pleasure erupts in the room and the guy on guy action continues. Seth and Tommy switch to a doggy style sex position. Dominantly Tommy grabs hold of Seth's hips. He drives his big dick inside the boy hole stretching it out. With a devious look in his eyes Seth moves onto his back with legs spread wide by the end of the bed. Tommy stands and rams his rod impaling Seth's ass thoroughly. Their forbidden love ignites like wildfire, and the two boys spiral out of control towards climax.