Uncut Cock Cory Flynt Solo Wank
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Uncircumcised And Ready To Explode, Meet Cory Flynt's Massive Uncut Cock!

In this scorching hot solo masturbation scene, Cory Flynt, a young 20 year old stud from Minneapolis, Minnesota, introduces himself to viewers. He reveals that he loves going out on the lake during the summer but absolutely despises the harsh winters. As for his personal life, Cory is currently studying economics in school and hopes to land a government job someday. Cory stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches tall. Uncircumsized, his massive cock measures in at a whopping 7 inches long. His bulging biceps and defined abs are on full display when he takes off his green shirt. This reveals his well defined chest muscles and a sexy tattoo that runs around his arm. Cory used to play soccer and enjoys being physically active. Overall he is a tad nervous about performing a solo masturbation scene in front of a camera.

He gets started by touching himself through his black shorts. The imprint of his big uncut cock is protruding through the fabric. Cory begins to stroke his dick sticking out of his shorts. His foreskin flexes and contracts with each gentle stroke. Without any hesitation, Cory continues to rub his thick, uncut cock slowly at first, but soon builds up momentum as he pumps himself faster and harder. Cory works his erect member with his hand until fully engorged. His breathing deepens as he feels himself intimately. Wide eyed Cory takes a glance at the camera before removing his shorts. Now fully nude He rubs his rigid rod with a full bush on display. His balls hang low and his cock stretches out far.

Cory gives a smoldering smile for the camera while stroking himself. His thick dick and attractive pubic hair make for a great combination. Soon he sits down on a wooden chair and shows the camera his bare butt. Cory’s tight hairy pucker pulsates up and down while spreading his own cheeks. Cory stands up and strokes his dick from the base up to the head, tugging gently on the sensitive foreskin. Nearby Cory stands against a rustic textured wall, his thick dick highlighted by the undertones. Next Cory lays down on the bed and puts effort into his solo masturbation session. There is intense concentration etched onto his face as he focuses all of his energy into bringing himself to climax. He works his dick with a firm grip and his face turns blush red. Cory's hands rub every inch of his cock passionately, and he cannot hold it in any longer. Cory suddenly unleashes an eruption of sticky white cum all over his abs. The scene comes to an end with Cory sexually spent.