Shane Fucks Blonde Gymnast William
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Blonde Boy William Gets Stretched When Shane's Big Dick Meets Tight Ass in a Rough and Ready Gay Sex Scenario!

The scene opens with Shane asking William about himself. Shane is wearing blue shorts, while William is dressed in red shorts. William from Massachusetts is 24 years old and has a muscular fit build due to his longtime involvement in gymnastics, which he began practicing when he was just 9 years old. He also has blonde spiky hair that frames his handsome face perfectly. Tall Shane is suave as he gets better acquainted with William. Shane and William remove their tee shirts to reveal toned upper bodies. William has six pack abs that ripple and contour. The two boys discuss gymnastics and William admits nervously the first guy he ever messed around with sexually was a gymnast. This excites Shane and he decides to lean in for a kiss. The two boys lock lips and make out passionately. Both men become visibly aroused as they begin to touch each other intimately. Curious hands roam through the equipped gym shorts while they stroke each other's cocks.

Suddenly they remove their shorts and get completely naked. Big dicks flop out erect and rigid for the camera. As the two boys stand, William's shorter stature is emphasized. Dominant Shane sits on the headrest of the bench they were sitting on and displays his hard cock in the direction of William's face. Without warning William puts Shane's stiff dick inside his mouth and sucks it thoroughly. Shane pushes William’s head down onto his cock. Soon William sits on the wooden bench and spreads his legs wid so Shane can get in between his legs. Shane bends down and gives an expert blowjob to William. An oral frenzy begins and Shane lays down on the bench while William climbs above him to form a sixty nine position.

The sexual tension builds inside them and Shane cant hold back anymore, he slips on a condom and slides his big dick inside William's tight ass. Thrusting back and forth Shane impales the gymnast bottom William in his muscular butt. Moans echo throughout the space as they furiously fuck. Shane grabs William by the hips and claps his cheeks. Next Shane sits down and William squats over him to sit on his cock. Bouncing up and down William rides Shane's big dick. He can barely handle how deep it goes. Shane bends William over and plows him from behind. Rapid pounder Shane bangs William's ass with his massive ram rod. William jerks off while being penetrated from behind and shoots sticky globs of cum onto the bench. Shane pulls out and launches his load all over William's back. William's spine is coated in creamy man seed and the scene comes to an end.