Blonde Boy Dean Carter Cums On Abs
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Sexy Gardening Tips With Dean Carter, Exploring Masterbation After Yard Work Helps One Stay Fit And Horny.

Dean Carter is seen strutting around his backyard, wearing only in a pair of khaki cargo shorts that barely contain his massive bulge. Dean looks like a total badass as he brandishes a heavy duty weed wacker in hand, ready to tackle any unsightly vegetation that dares to pop up in his pristine garden. As he works away, sweat starts to pour down his tanned and toned body, causing his muscles to ripple and flex enticingly beneath his skin. Dean's shorts become unbuttoned so he decides to take a moment of rest and walks over to sit on top of a nearby lawn mower. The director holding the camera greets Dean and asks how he is doing. Dean exclaims that he is focusing on completing yard work. The director asks Dean to describe himself. Dean grew up on 10 acres in Illinois so he is used to yard work. He says he enjoys jerking off after finishing chores. Dean is a junior in college and has been attending school in Texas but for now he is taking a break from education to find himself. Dean is also a certified personal trainer, which helps to explain his fit, active body and impressive physique.

After a few moments Dean enters a nearby hardware shed and strips his shorts off slowly. The sunlight enters through the door to illuminate his six pack abs and big dick. Blonde, smooth, and fit, this boy has it all. As Dean stands alone before the camera, he takes hold of his long, hard cock and begins to stroke it slowly, savoring every sensation that courses through his body. Blonde hair lit softly by the sun beams frames his handsome face. Dean strokes his long hard cock, while his bushy pubes are on display. His low hanging balls jiggle back and forth with each playful tug. Dean pinches his own nipple and gives his stiff rod a rub down. Moans of pleasure fill the tool shed. Dean continues to pleasure himself with his own hand.

Next he climbs up onto a ladder and squats to reveal his ass for the camera. His tight anal entrance has a ring of hair around it. Dean probes his ass with two fingers and moans softly. Dean probes his ass with two fingers and moans softly. Soon he moves to sit down on the ladder and go back to jerking off. He intensely gasps his hard dick using his hand and moves the sensitive skin up and down rapidly. Dean breaths heavily and gasps while reaching an orgasmic release. Bursts of sticky white cum erupts from Dean's rigid shaft and onto his ripped abs. With a sigh of relief Dean shivers while coaxing the remaining semen out of the head of his penis. The scene comes to an end with Dean's balls completely drained.