Big Dick Aj Tops Dean At Public Bar
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Arm Wrestling Heat When Two hot Guys Aaron James And Dean Carter Go All The Way.

Aaron James (AJ) and Dean Carter begin their hot and steamy gay sex scene together by engaging in a playful yet sensual game of arm wrestling at a local bar. Dean wins the first arm wrestling match, but during the second time AJ leans in for a tender kiss. Their lips lock together in a passionate embrace that leaves both boys horny. The bartender sees what is happening and gives the two boys some lube and condoms. As things progress, AJ seductively undresses Dean piece by piece. AJ unlatches his belt and removes his blue jeans then he commands Dean to suck his cock. AJ's big dick whips out and Dean's soft lips pounce onto the shaft.

In a sensual way Dean sucks and spits on the delicious rod in between massaging it with his mouth. Swiftly dropping his denim jeans Dean gets fully naked and crouches down to orally service AJ's thick dick. Soon the tables turn and it is time for AJ to show Dean his oral skills. Dean sits on top of the bar and AJ gives an excellent blow job. Moans and the sound of sucking fill the public bar interior. Dean spreads his legs wide and AJ rims the tight anal entrance. AJ spits saliva onto the pink man hole to get Dean's ass slick and ready. Always aiming to satisfy, AJ goes all out during oral sex and knows how to please. The two boys are ready to go all the way. So AJ slips a condom onto his big dick and Dean eagerly impales himself with the erect manhood.

Dean can hardly contain his excitement anymore and begins to wildly thrust back against Aaron James' hard dick. Aaron James then decides to step things up even further by leaning forward slightly so that his cock hits Dean Carter's prostate directly. This sends Dean into a state of total ecstasy and he lets out a loud shout of pleasure mixed with pain. Suddenly they move to the top counter of the bar and AJ slams Dean relentlessly. Dean gets rammed sideways and takes every inch of AJ's rigid rod. Soon it becomes too much and Dean can help but jerk himself off resulting in a launch of sticky white cum all over his own abs. AJ pulls out of the orgasming dude and kneels above him on the countertop. AJ jerks off and gushes out a load of cum onto the bottom's ripped abs. The scene comes to an end with both guys sexually spent and relieved.