Drew And Jorden Suck Each Other Off
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After countless member requests for the hot Drew and stud Jorden to cum back and bust a nut, the studio delivers two thick sausages on a platter. Watching one of their favorite skin flicks, they pull out their cocks quickly and began massaging them until the shafts are full and erect.

Taking a moment to take off their shirts, Drew shows off his pectoral muscles. They're smooth and solid, and would be amazing to run your fingers along. Drew reaches towards Jorden's cock and begins practicing his ambidexterity as he jerks both of their cocks simultaneously. Their balls bounce with the motion.

Jorden extends his arm towards Drew's cock and holds the massive shaft in his fist only to jerk it as if it were his own. The boys return to focus on their own cocks for a brief moment, coming back to the rhythms they both enjoy. Jorden suddenly slides down on the mattress for his mouth to be directly facing Drew's cock. He can barely fit it into his mouth. So Jorden does his best by playing with the tip against his tongue, sliding it into his mouth and rotating his head over and over to please the massive erection.

Meanwhile, Drew gives Jorden back the attention by playing with his cock, too. He gets to enjoy the feeling of cock in his hand, mouth on his cock, and slutty women on the TV. These straight boys return to their own dicks, allowing them to focus on what they need most - blowing their loads and releasing the pent-up tension they've been carrying around.

Not quite ready, Drew needs Jorden's mouth again. He kneels on the bed and facecucks Jorden's throat while he plays with his balls. Their dicks are so hard, they need more lube to make sure they are covered, lathered in slick motion. The broke straight boys use two hands, quick movements, tighter grips, longer strokes and every other trick up their sleeves to bring themselves to the ultimate release.

In complete unison, Drew and Jorden's tricks work as they release hot white cream onto their stomachs and cover their bodies in semen as their thick erections are coaxed into relaxation.