Hot Dom Aaron Butt Fucks Luke
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Boundaries pushed to the limit when two sexy studs Aaron James and Luke Stevens indulge in wild a sexual escapade.

The scene begins with Aaron James and Luke Stevens sitting on the bed talking. Aaron with a smile wears khaki cargo shorts while Luke has on silver plaid shorts. Luke says he has a huge bruise on his leg from falling off a motor vehicle he revved too quickly. Aaron is intrigued by the bruise and tells Luke to take off his shorts and show him the bruise. Luke removes his shorts and shows Aaron his bare inner thigh. With a sly look on his face Aaron tells Luke he knows one way to make that bruise feel better. Luke agrees by getting fully naked and joining sexy Aaron on the bed. Aaron gets fully naked and kisses Luke passionately. Dominant Aaron manhandles Luke. Aaron seductively creates a trail of kisses starting from Luke's neck and ending at the base of his navel.

Suddenly Aaron starts sucking on Luke's hardening cock. Fully erect Luke moans out while getting a blow job from Aaron. Next they decide to perform a naughty rim job. Kinky dom Aaron spreads his ass cheeks and has Luke lick his hairy hole. Luke eats Aaron's muscular ass, tongue punching the man hole with ease. Aaron's toes curl back while getting rimmed. Soon Arron gets off the bed and stands up, he feeds his stiff cock into Luke's open mouth. Moans of pleasure echo around the space as Luke gives Aaron wet oral sex. Eventually the intensity becomes too much to bare, Aaron admits he wants to fuck Luke in the ass so much. Luke agrees and lays back on the bed with his legs spread. Aaron equips a condom and prepares for entry. Dominant Aaron grabs hold of Luke's legs and impales his ass with a stiff cock. Immediately Aaron thrusts rapidly sending sensations surging through Luke's body.

Aaron's big dick is curved upward and hits the G spot everytime. The two boys grunt and groan while fucking furiously. Luke gets pile-drived by Aarons pumping hard on. The camera captures all the hot man on man action from above and beside. After a few moments Aaron tells Luke to ride him. Aaron lays down on the bed and Luke sits on his throbbing hard cock. Up and down Lukes round butt bounces on Aarons rigid ram rod. Deep penetration is what Luke feels at his anal entrance. Soon Aaron stands up and pulls Luke to the end of the bed and drives his big dick inside. Luke's legs are spread wide open and Aaron pounds away. After a few perfect thrusts Luke tugs his dick while being fucked. Luke launches his sticky cum load all over his own abs. This excites Aaron as he picks up pace before pulling out. Aaron removes the condom, spits on his own hand and jacks off. Suddenly Aaron shoots huge ropes of ejaculate all across Luke's bare torso. Covered in cream the boys are sexually satisfied. The scene comes to an end with one final kiss between Aaron and Luke.