Thick Dick Cory Fucks Kurt In Ass
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During Big Dick Anal Invasion Kurt Wild Feels The Power Of Cory Flynt's Monster Cock.

The scene begins with Cory Flynt and Kurt Wild kissing passionately while jerking eachother off. They are both shirtless and have erections peaking out of their cargo shorts. Cory has a music note tattoo on his arm and Kurt is wearing a necklace. When the camera pans over their shirtless bodies, It is clear that both Cory and Kurt are sporting impressive physiques featuring toned muscles under smooth skin. Their shorts quickly come off and they get completely nude. Kurt immediately takes charge, firmly grasping hold of Cory's massive uncut cock. With his hand wrapped tightly around the thick shaft, he starts to stroke it slowly but surely. Meanwhile, Cory can hardly contain his excitement as he kisses Kurt's neck intimately. The smell of sweat and desire fills the air as these two hot guys get down to business.

Next, the two naked boys move up onto the bed and Cory begins to suck on Kurt's big dick. His lips wrap snugly around the thick meat, and he starts to bob his head back and forth, taking as much of Kurt's cock into his mouth as possible. Cory has a delicious taste of Kurt's big dick as it enters his wet mouth and slides across the tongue. Kurt thrusts his hard cock inside Cory's lips to face fuck him good. Casually Cory leans back on the bed and lets Kurt suck on his thick uncut cock. With devious intent Cory grabs some lube and plays with Kurt's tight ass. Cory probes Kurt's butt with his fingers eventually fitting in three digits. Gagging and moaning fill the room as their pleasure intensifies.

Once Kurt's man hole is relaxed and ready Cory slips on a condom. Cory lays back with his monster cock standing at attention. Kurt sits down on the stiff rod impaling himself in the rear. Cory thrusts his giant penis upward into the boy butt. Kurt bounces up and down riding Cory thoroughly. Soon they try a new position where Cory stands up and Kurt lays back with his legs spread wide. Cory drives his dick inside to pulverize Kurt's anal entrance. Kurt's face turns blush red as he receives every inch of Cory's big dick. Eventually Cory takes control and dominates Kurt. The top mounts his moaning bottom fiercely and claps his cheeks. The pressure builds from the furious fucking and Kurt launches his load onto his abs. Cory keeps fucking Kurt then pulls out and takes off the condom. Cory moves over to Kurt's face and jerks off rapidly. Here it comes he says as Cory busts a sticky white cum shot all over Kurt's handsome face. The scene ends with both boys sexually relieved.