Tall Top Shane Fucks Dreamy Dominic
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Two Handsome Men, Domonic Feroni and Shane Meet Up For Some Hot Anal Action On The Couch.

The scene begins with Shane and Dominic Feroni sitting together on the couch. They are both wearing blue denim jeans. Shane has on a navy blue tee and Dominic has on a sky blue button up. Dominic explains that he is 23 years old. Shane asks Dominic about why he got into performing. Dominic reveals that he saw an ad on MTV for modeling and it made him think about getting into porn. Suddenly Shane leans in for a kiss and their lips lock together in a deep, sensual way that leaves them wanting more. With the cameras rolling Shane slowly unbuttons Dominic's shirt. Dominic is eager to get into Shanes jeans by unlatching the belt. Soon Shane is excited and only wearing his tight black underwear. Shane's big hard cock is protruding through the fabric. Dominic reaches down between their legs and grabs hold of Shane's hard cock through his underwear, giving it a tight squeeze.

Dominic takes hold of the rigid member with his hand and then pulls it out for a taste. Dominic takes the lead by sucking on Shane's hard cock. His lips wrapped around the shaft like a pro, slurping away with great enthusiasm. Blue jeans fall to the floor as Dominic undresses. He bends the knee and gives Shane a wet blow job he wont forget. Dominic gets fully naked and straddles Shane for a moment. Shane decides to get up and prepare Dominic's ass for a good time. Dominic is bent over on the couch with his bare butt in the air. Shane pushes his tongue into Dominic's tight pink hole. With each lick Shane gets Dominic ready for penetration. Swiftly Shane equips a condom and slathers on some lube.

Dominic positions himself above the throbbing cock and impales himself. He sits down on Shane's big dick allowing it to gently slide inside. Moans and groans fill the room. Shane explains the way Dominic rides his cock blows his mind. Next Shane stands up and rams Dominic from behind. Tall top rams bent over bottom with stiff shaft relentlessly. Dominic handles the anal thrashing with ease. Shane continues to drive deep inside the other boy. Dominic then spreads his legs and leans back on the armrest of the couch. Shane pile drives Dominic with his big dick. After a few solid thrusts Shane sits back and lets Dominic ride him. Dominic blushes red and trembles while riding Shane's monster cock. Dominic jerks off furiously aiming to reach climax. Soon the sensation is too great and Dominic blasts sticky white cum all over the ground. Legs shaking Dominic moans out in pleasure. Shane soaks up the heat of the experience. A grand finale of finishes occurs when Shane shoots cum into the air like a geyser. The scene comes to an end with both guys sexually fulfilled.