Jake And Michael Nut Bust Auditions
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Enjoy Two Solo Masturbation Auditions Featuring Tattooed Marine Corps Veteran Jake Wolfe and Sun Kissed Muscle Boy Michael Rise.

The scene begins with Jake Wolfe introducing himself. At 23 years old, Jake exudes a blend of youthful energy and seasoned resilience. He’s an engineering student, a path that demands both intellect and precision, traits he embodies effortlessly. Jake’s past is marked by his years in the Marine Corps, an experience that has clearly left its mark on him. His tall, lean frame is a canvas of tattoos, each one telling a story. A fierce badger adorns his calf, symbolizing his tenacity and fighting spirit. On his ribs, the inked Marine Corps emblem and his dog tag are a permanent homage to his military service, etched close to his heart.

Soon he begins to fondle himself through his loose fitting blue gym shorts. Immediately he gets a rock hard erection. Jake has a goofy sense of humor while he plays with and reveals his big dick. He strokes himself intimately while masturbating. His breathing rate increases while pleasuring himself with his own hand. Jake has hairy balls and a full bush. The camera captures every angle of this solo masturbation scene. Soon Jake moves over by the couch and spreads his legs wide to show off his hairy hole. The boy drips hot wax on himself enjoying the heat of the moment. Jake continues to jack off furiously aiming to reach climax. After a few moments he busts and nut and sends sticky white cum blasting onto his own hairy chest. Jake and his naughty audition comes to an end.

Next Michael Rise and his audition begins. Michael is nervous and excited, he exclaims that he loves to cum. He introduces himself saying that he is 22 years old and from Florida. Suddenly Michael takes his shirt off and does some flexes for the camera. With his sun-kissed skin, bulging muscles, and tight ass, there's no denying that Michael is pure eye candy. He explains that he works out every other day. The most impressive part of Michael's audition is when he decides to go fully nude and really let loose.

He shows off his tight round ass for the camera. The plan is to bust a good nut for the viewers. Michael gets into a comfortable position and starts to work himself into a frenzy. He squeezes his balls while stroking his hard cock. Michael has a cute face that contorts in pleasure with each tug of his manhood. He finger probes his own anal entrance while masturbating alone on the bed. Michael is curious about his own ass and can't keep his hand away from the hairy hole. After several moments of self pleasure he gets onto his knees and approaches climax. Moaning Michael launches globs of cum all over the bed. The scene comes to an end with the boy sexually released.