Troy Gets Gym Blow Job From Tommy
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Chocolate Sauce and Whip Cream Covered Nudes, Tommy Defendi and Troy Gabriel have Sweet After Workout Ice Cream With Sticky Oral Pleasure.

The scene begins with Tommy Defendi and Troy Gabriel working out in the gym. Troy is using the chest press machine while Tommy does some squats. The boys stand up and share a drink together. Then they switch and Tommy does the chest press and Troy does some squats. Troy asks Tommy if he has had any fun lately. They talk about how great it is to get a blow job. Tommy asks Troy if he has ever gotten head from a guy. Troy has never done that before and suggests they go get some ice cream. Tommy says he got oral from a guy before and it was the best. They go get some ice cream and Tommy complains that it needs more chocolate.

Suddenly Troy returns with some chocolate sauce but accidently squirts it on Tommy's shorts instead of the ice cream. Tommy ends up removing his chocolate covered shorts and getting fully nude while they finish eating their ice cream. Soon Tommy makes a remark about how he and Troy should have some sexy fun together. Without warning Tommy gets revenge by squirting chocolate sauce all over Troy's shorts. Troy strips down completely naked and free of his shorts. Tommy blasts Troy's hardening dick with chocolate sauce. Then the playfulness continues when Tommy takes out whipped cream and shoots it all over Troy's ripped abs. The boys laugh then Tommy takes things a step farther and splashes his melting ice cream onto Troy's cock. Troy yells in surprise and Tommy lunges forward to suck the ice cream off the big dick.

Tommy sucks Troy's dick intimately, then they clean some of the melting ice cream off. After a few moments Troy stands up and thrusts his massive cock down Tommy's eager throat. Tommy's eyes glaze over with desire as he takes Troy deep into his willing mouth. The two boys enjoy their erotic ice cream social. Tommy blows Troy for several moments. Next Troy bends over to present his bare ass to Tommy.The excitement builds and Tommy takes things one step further by giving Troy a rim job. Tommy licks the tight ass with his wet tongue. Troy gets a sensational rim job. The boy gets his anal entrance licked and tongue punched thoroughly. Then Tommy gets up and jerks off with Troy. They exchange hand jobs and prepare to reach climax together. Troy furiously strokes his hard cock then shoots his sticky white load all over the gym equipment. Next Tommy rapidly pumps his big dick and ejects ropes of cum onto the seat of the chest press. The scene comes to a close with Both boys fully released after their naughty post workout ice cream fight.