Tough Troy Rails Verbal Bottom Kurt
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Hot Dominant Top Troy Gabriel Pounds Submissive Bottom Boy Kurt Wild's Firm Ass For First Time.

The scene begins with the director greeting Kurt Wild and Troy Gabriel sitting on the bed. The director explains that Troy is new to performing guy on guy actions. Troy reassures the director that he is in fact ready to do what it takes. Kurt is wearing a blue Hollister shirt and denim jeans. Troy has on a loose green plaid button up and baggy khaki shorts. The guys begin their wild sexy play session by stripping the clothes off each other. Kurt helps Troy remove his garments and suddenly they are both completely nude. Kurt licks Troy’s hardening cock to try a taste. Without hesitation Kurt takes the entire length of Troy's big cock down his throat. Both guys have impressive muscular bodies. Kurt intimately kisses Troy's torso and chest.

Dominant Troy guides Kurt's head back down to his hard dick. Troy moans out in pleasure while receiving the blow job. His long cock barely fits all the way inside the other man's mouth. Kurt lets Troy take control of his wet mouth using that thick meaty pole. After a few moments Troy equips a condom and slathers some lube on his erect cock. Kurt squats over Troy's big dick and slides it inside his tight end. Kurt moans out in pleasure while getting his ass stretched out by Troy. Next Kurt gets on his hands and knees so Troy can fuck him doggy style. Back and forth Troy thrusts into the tight boy hole. The bed squeaks while the two guys engage in hot anal action. The bottom boy submits his ass to the top. Troy slaps Kurt’s jiggly ass with his hand while pumping his ram rod in and out. Troy mercilessly drives his cock inside the eager bottom boy.

Kurt cannot get enough of Troy's hard ass pounding. He whimpers and gasps while begging to be fucked more. Troy obliges and fills the submissive bottom up with his big dick. Kurt gets pile drived while contorted in complex positions. Eventually Troy mounts the boy furiously shoving his cock inside and out. The intensity becomes too great when Troy fucks Kurt on the side of the bed. Kurt moans out that he is going to climax and shoots a splash of cum onto his own abs while being railed in the ass. Troy keeps pounding away while grunting in a masculine way. Suddenly Troy pulls out and jerks off over Kurt. He launches a sticky white cum load all over Kurt's rock hard six pack abs. A wave of relief and sensation wash over both boys as they seal their encounter with a final kiss. The scene comes to an end with each guy lost in the heat of the moment.