Muscular Patrick Ass Fucks Kameron
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Get Ready For Some Serious Cock Worship From Kameron Scott When Patrick Bateman Takes Face Fucking To A Whole New Level.

The scene begins with Patrick and Kameron kissing slowly. Kameron removes Patrick's tee shirt and kisses his hard nipples. Then Patrick helps Kameron take off his shirt to reveal a slim toned chest. As they continue to kiss passionately, Patrick starts to feel the heat rising within him. Patrick is more muscular and larger than Kameron. The boys slowly strip down to just their underwear. The camera pans across their bodies, the contrast between Patrick’s pristine white underwear and Kameron’s sleek black boxer briefs creates a striking visual that immediately draws attention to their crotches. The two boys begin to fondle each other. Kameron takes hold of Patrick's big dick in his hand. They begin to strip from their underwear and reveal themselves fully nude. Kameron lays on the bed facing towards Patrick's navel and opens his eager mouth wide. Patrick thrusts his hard cock into Kameron’s face. Kameron engulfs it completely using his warm wet mouth and a passionate hunger. His lips are wrapped tightly around the shaft, his tongue swirls around the veins running down the length of the stiff dick. The excitement causes Patrick to groan deeply.

Back and forth the stiff dick plunges into Kameron's face. Patrick enjoys the blow job from Kameron. After a few moments Patrick takes the face fucking to another level. Kameron submits by laying on his back on the bed and allowing Patrick to pulverize his throat. Submissively Kameron accepts the ram rod deep in his throat. The camera captures a highlight of Patrick's muscular firm ass. Kameron pulls Patrick's butt cheeks apart to give a view of his tight pink man hole. Kameron is not afraid to get down and dirty and licks Patrick's anal entrance. His wet tongue ends sensations across Patrick's body. After a few moments Kameron stands up and lets big stud Patrick suck his cock. Patrick takes a firm grip on the shaft and plays with the throbbing head using his mouth and lips. Patrick takes control by not letting Kameron's big dick get too far down his throat.

Soon Kameron bends the knee and presents his ass to Patrick. After equipping a condom, Patrick slides his hard cock inside Kameron's round ass. Moans echo around the bedroom as Patrick pumps his man meat inside Kameron's hot hole. Oozing fuck hole gets pulverized by pounding Patrick. Kameron takes the ramming like a champ as his tight end gets an anal invasion. Next the guy on guy action moves to the bed, where Kameron gets fucked sideways. Patrick puts in work while giving Kameron his huge cock. Eventually Kameron reaches climax from jerking himself off while getting pumped by Patrick. A squirt of hot man milk launches from Kameron's cock. Patrick pulls out then sticks it back in and fucks Kameron to find an orgasm. Kameron lets Patrick use his ass to get off. After thrusting repeatedly Patrick pulls out and rips off the condom. Suddenly he blasts a sticky white cum load from his big dick completely glazing the bed. The boys are out of breath from their sexual encounter and the scene comes to an end.